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2015 NFL Draft position breakdown: Quarterbacks


Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota lead the class of quarterbacks this year. See who else could make an impact at quarterback.

Andrew Mason's Draft Prospect Profiles with video breakdown:** Jameis Winston | Marcus Mariota | Brett Hundley | Garrett Grayson | Bryce Petty

"The speed of the game goes up tenfold for these guys and for most of the athletes that play quarterback in college, they've always been either even or maybe slightly ahead of the rest of the talent at their level but now they're going to have probably five or six athletes on the field that are faster than them or can move as quickly as them," quaterbacks coach Greg Knapp said, discussing the challenges that young quarterbacks face in the NFL. "Before the ball's ever snapped, they need to start making decisions, whether they're good or deleting decisions. So they have to understand that 'OK, I'm getting a certain coverage pre-snap that tells me I'm not going to throw to my No. 1 read now, I'm going to my No. 2."

For analysis on who the best fit from the quarterback position might be, or who the sleeper pick could be, Andrew Mason joined Broncos TV to discuss the options and potential in players not receiving the most attention.

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