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Denver Broncos | Mascots


"Thunder" - The Denver Broncos Mascot

Information courtesy of Ann Judge

The Denver Broncos are notorious for having thunderstorms throughout the fall and winter that is Thunder storming the field. Thunder is a purebred Arabian gelding that acts as the club's mascot. Following every Denver Broncos touchdown, Thunder displays his impressive canter from one end zone to the other.

Thunder, provided by Thunder Spirit LLC of Denver, will be entering his 5th year during the Broncos' 2018 campaign. Thunder took the reins as the Broncos mascot at Super Bowl XLVIII in New York. He also appeared at Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco.

Thunder II served as the Broncos mascot for 10 years after taking the reins in 2004. He retired after the final home game of the 2013 season. He came out of retirement to lead the Broncos Super Bowl 50 Championship parade.

The original Thunder served as the Broncos' mas- cot for 11 years before retiring at the start of the 2004 campaign. His registered name was JB Kobask, but the stallion was given the stage name Thunder for his mascot duties. Thunder made his Mile High debut on Sept. 12, 1993, during a Broncos victory over the San Diego Chargers. In addition to his appearances at all Broncos home games, Thunder also appeared at Super Bowl XXXII in San Diego and XXXIII in Miami. The original Thunder made regular appearances at events and community functions following his retirement.

Thunder is trained and ridden by Ann Judge of Thunder Spirit LLC. She is an accomplished equestrian.