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Denver Broncos | Reserved Seat Transfers

Reserved Seat Transfers

The next season ticket transfer period will be between September 15, 2021 and December 31, 2021. Reserved season ticket transfers are limited to an 'Immediate Family Member' for a personal account or an 'Affiliate' for a company or corporate account. The Denver Broncos Reserved Season Ticket Assignment Form will be available beginning on September 15, 2021.


Personal account transfers may be made to immediate family members ONLY (Spouse, Child, Sibling, or Parent.)
Each account transfer between immediate family members requires a transfer form to be completed in full.

Both the account holder of record and the proposed account holder must fill out the transfer form completely and have both signatures notarized. There is no notary available on the Empower Field at Mile High property.

The Broncos reserve the right to request additional documentation in order to complete the transfer (i.e. birth certificate, marriage license, death certificate, etc).

A transfer fee of $25 per seat applies to all transfers. Cash, check, or credit card. Checks should be made out to the Denver Broncos for reserved seat transfers and Stadium Management Co. for club seat transfers.

A transfer form must be filled out to complete a name change (marriage or legal name change), but there is no fee required. Documentation must be provided.

To add/remove a spouse's name to an account, there is a $25 fee, and a transfer form must be completed and submitted with proper documentation.

If the season ticket holder of record is deceased, ONLY the Personal Representative/Executor of the ticket holder may sign the transfer form for the season ticket holder, even if that person is not an immediate family member. Documentation verifying the relationship to the deceased season ticket holder must be provided (i.e. birth certificate, marriage license, death certificate, etc.) The seats can only be transferred to an immediate family member of the deceased.

Corporate Accounts: If a company with a corporate season ticket account is sold (more than 50%), the tickets transfer to the new company. Tickets may also be transferred to a subsidiary or majority partner, as long as they are controlled by the same parent company. Again, documentation must be provided.