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The Snap (Ep. 28): NFL Network's Cynthia Frelund and The Athletic's Lindsay Jones discuss 2021 draft prospects

On this episode of "The Snap," Sydney Jones and Alexis Perry are joined by NFL Network's analytics expert Cynthia Frelund to discuss her analytics-based mock drafts and who her model predicts the Broncos will select at No. 9 in the 2021 NFL Draft. She also explains which quarterback prospect would yield the highest win total for the Broncos during the 2021 season, according to her model. Jones and Perry are also joined by The Athletic's senior writer Lindsay Jones to discuss who she thinks the Broncos will select in the first round, whether she believes Denver will trade up, down or stay at No. 9 and more. Want more of "The Snap"? Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher or wherever you find your podcasts. Make sure to leave a rating and review.