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The Neutral Zone (Ep. 52): Happy Thanksgiving!

On this episode of "The Neutral Zone," Aric DiLalla and Phil Milani (with assistance from Ben Swanson and Emily Simanskis) preview Sunday's game against the Chargers and wish #NeutralZoneNation a Happy Thanksgiving. The squad starts by playing Two Truths and a Lie (4:43), before talking about the latest Drew Lock news (9:42). Aric and Phil draft players from the Broncos to their Turkey Bowl teams (18:53), discuss Sunday's game against the Chargers (26:18) and compare Broncos players to Thanksgiving dishes (31:14). They hear A-Ric of the Week (39:50) before closing with the traditional shoutouts (40:44). Want more of "The Neutral Zone"? Subscribe to the Broncos Audio Zone on Stitcher, TuneIn, iTunes and now Spotify.

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