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The Neutral Zone (Ep. 50): Battling the Bills

On this episode of "The Neutral Zone," Aric DiLalla and Phil Milani (with assistance from Ben Swanson and Emily Simanskis) preview Sunday's game against the Bills. The squad opens by playing Two Truths and a Lie (5:36), then talks about Bradley Chubb, Josh Allen and the 2018 draft (11:32). They play "Phil in the Blank" (20:18), give a Drew Lock update (28:51) and name A-ric of the Week (37:01). They discuss how Courtland Sutton is continuing to improve (41:11) and participate in the limerick challenge (46:14), before closing with the traditional shoutouts (49:09). Want more of "The Neutral Zone"? Subscribe to the Broncos Audio Zone on Stitcher, TuneIn, iTunes and now Spotify.

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