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The Neutral Zone (Ep. 41): A prime-time opportunity

On this episode of "The Neutral Zone," Aric DiLalla and Phil Milani (with assistance from Emily Simanskis) preview Thursday night's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The crew discusses the Chiefs' injuries and how that will affect the game, whether the Colts' and Texans' wins against the Chiefs provide the Broncos a blueprint for victory (3:07) and what a win would mean for the Broncos (5:52). They also talk about how Joe Flacco can bring his team confidence (9:17) and Vic Fangio's defense going head to head with Andy Reid's offense (14:00). They play Phil in the Blank (22:29), name A-ric of the Week (32:48) and participate in the Limerick Challenge (35:43), before closing with the traditional shoutouts (38:30). Want more of "The Neutral Zone"? Subscribe to the Broncos Audio Zone on Stitcher, TuneIn, iTunes and now Spotify.

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