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The Neutral Zone (Ep. 151): Is Von Miller already a sure-fire Hall of Famer?

On this episode of "The Neutral Zone," Phil Milani and Aric DiLalla take a look at the legacy of Von Miller. They evaluate if he's already a Hall of Famer or if there is still work to be done. They also discuss if Miller could do anything in Year 11 that would rival his 2015 accomplishments (7:39). The guys then discuss Peyton Manning's Ring of Fame election and chat about a handful of other players who could soon be up for election (21:34). They close with shoutouts and a voicemail from a fan of the show (41:43). Want more of "The Neutral Zone"? Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Make sure to leave a rating/review, or drop a comment if you're watching on YouTube.

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