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The Neutral Zone (Ep. 107): Why Drew Lock could be key to renewing rivalry vs. Chiefs

On this episode of "The Neutral Zone," Phil Milani and Aric DiLalla look ahead at the Broncos' potentially season-turning game against the Chiefs. They start by discussing Drew Lock's Kansas City roots and how that impacts the rivalry (6:05), play Two Truths and a Lie (18:42), hear from outside linebacker Malik Reed (23:12), play a Phil in the Blank that features a question about which player in the NFL they'd build a franchise around (38:58), chat with rookie tight end Albert Okwuegbunam (55:42), discuss whether the matchup between the Chiefs and Broncos is still a rivalry (1:05:34) and finish with traditional shoutouts (1:15:02). Want more of "The Neutral Zone"? Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Make sure to leave a rating/review if you enjoyed the episode!