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Broncos Audio Zone: DaeSean Hamilton and Reuben Droughns

We go into the locker room to talk with WR DaeSean Hamilton (0:32) about his first touchdown, his increased workload and to get his scouting report on Baker Mayfield (3:17), a teammate of his at the Senior Bowl last January. Then, former Broncos and Browns running back Reuben Droughns drops by (5:52) to discuss the Browns and the impact of Baker Mayfield on not just the team, but the city of Cleveland (12:15). Droughns also shares his thoughts on Cleveland cuisine (6:16), which yields a discussion of the "Polish Boy" sandwich (7:13), a blizzard of kielbasa, coleslaw, french fries and barbecue sauce. Reuben said he'd had the sandwich, which led Steve Atwater to reply, "Did you make it to work the next day?" Subscribe to the Broncos Audio Zone in iTunes, Stitcher or Google today!