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What It Means: Broncos add Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels knows Gary Kubiak's scheme in a way that no other tight end -- and no other player in the league -- can claim.

From being a fourth-round pick in Kubiak's first Houston Texans draft class to following him to Baltimore last year, he has been a perfect fit for a scheme that asks its tight ends to stay home and mix it up in the zone-blocking scheme on a regular basis.

Daniels and Virgil Green, who the Broncos re-signed Tuesday, represent a solid yin and yang to the tight end complement that resembles what the Kubiak had as Denver's offensive coordinator from 1995-2005, when he mixed and matched his tight ends based on situation and matchup.

A career look-back at new Broncos tight end Owen Daniels. (All photos by The Associated Press)

When Kubiak had Shannon Sharpe at his disposal, Kubiak could provide a blocking supplement by inserting Dwayne Carswell, who was so big and physical that the Broncos eventually experimented with him as a backup offensive tackle.

That isn't going to happen with Green. But the fourth-year veteran's blocking capability meshes well with Daniels' proficiency at finding open spaces down the seam and within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage.

Daniels is also a capable blocker, and can fill the role that Joel Dreessen handled with the Broncos in 2012 before knee injuries hindered him. The Broncos' offense was efficient and prolific that year with a tight end committee -- and without Julius Thomas going down the seam.

Now the Broncos are counting on equal efficiency at tight end going forward with Daniels, Green and whoever else comprises the position group.

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