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Week 9 Caption Contest


Submit your best captions for the photo above via Twitter using the hashtag #BroncosCaption.

UPDATE: See below for the top three captions:

3rd place! RT @though50: I've got to score before you hug me, Coach! #BroncosCaption — Denver Broncos (@DenverBroncos) October 29, 2013

2nd place! RT @theNEWtybrosier: Trindon: "Coach you're never this excited when I score a TD." #BroncosCaption — Denver Broncos (@DenverBroncos) October 29, 2013

Winner! RT @BLACKDxOUTxMAX: Holliday: "So THIS is what it looks like when SOMEONE ELSE is taking it to the house!" — Denver Broncos (@DenverBroncos) October 29, 2013

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