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Vic Fangio's method for creating picture-perfect Broncos

PHOENIX -- At midday Monday on a perfectly manicured lawn at the luxurious Arizona Biltmore hotel, most of the NFL's coaches will gather for a group photo. 

This is a tradition of the Annual League Meeting since time immemorial. Each shot is a freeze-frame of a particular time in an NFL history that will see its 100th season this fall.

For new head coaches in particular, the snapshot provides a moment that confers their status. After years of work through colleges and professional ranks -- and sometimes through short-lived leagues other than the NFL -- they are now in an exclusive club of 32 people who possess some of the most coveted, cherished and scrutinized jobs in professional sports around the globe. 

It's kind of a big deal, right?

Not to the Broncos' new head coach, Vic Fangio.

"It'll mean more when we take that first team picture with Denver, with the players and the assistant coaches," he said. "That's the one that will mean more to me than this one here that we're taking.

"Thirty-two competitors. I like a team photo, not a 32-competitor photo. But it'll be interesting to look at years from now, once you pull it out of the drawer." 

Thirty-two coaches looking for success. Thirty-two coaches looking to build or sustain a winning culture.

Building the culture Fangio wants doesn't involve smoke, mirrors or style. How it happens is simple.

"By improving the play," Fangio said. "There is no magic potion or magic dust that you sprinkle around the building or sprinkle in the locker room, other than playing better -- both as individuals and as a group -- and that will result in more wins and now all of a sudden, your culture's better."

While ultimate success is a black-and-white equation, getting there is more subtle. That starts by making sure he gets his message across to his players, which is not something that can be neatly placed into a template. 

"That's an intangible there. That's not a black-and-white equation that has a finite answer to it," Fangio said. "Your dealings with every player is different in and of itself, dealings with a whole unit -- offense and defense -- and now the team. 

"I think you just be honest with the players, be direct, make it simple and show them examples of how it should be done. If you can improve the player as a player, then everything else falls into place."

Doing that will give Fangio the photo he wants most: a snapshot of a winning team that restores vigor and success to Broncos Country.

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