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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- **Just about every sports fan in America watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, and even those who did not became instantly aware of the very controversial play call that essentially ended the game.

Actually, perhaps we should not even call it controversial, because there is no controversy whatsoever among fans or media about the call that was made.

Rather, it is a unanimous opinion that the Seattle Seahawks should have run the ball, handed the ball to "Beast Mode."

As the legendary Vince Lombardi said when facing fourth-and-1 from the Dallas goal line with just 16 seconds left and chance to kick the game-tying field goal and send "The Ice Bowl" into overtime, "Let's run the ball and get the hell out of here."

And Bart Starr ran behind guard Jerry Kramer, who made one of the most famous blocks ever on the Cowboys' Jethro Pugh, for the game-winning touchdown.

The Packers headed to the Super Bowl, and a big hunk of Super Bowl legend was created.

Sadly for Head Coach Pete Carroll and his Seattle Seahawks, Super Bowl legend of a different sort was created Sunday, and it likely will last just as long.

But what now?

Parade in Boston, ignominy in Seattle. But that is the easy part for the Seahawks.

Moving forward is the tough assignment.

But along with the ecstasy of victory, the gut-wrenching misery of defeat is a part of what every player, coach and fan learns to live with, as one does not exist without the other if one has real passion for the team and games it plays.

No choice but to move forward, and Bronco fans know this well, indeed better than they would like.

The Denver Broncos are among the teams you can't count on one hand in Super Bowl appearances with seven, a great and noble accomplishment.

But in none of the five losses was Denver on the brink of victory. That is where you want to be, but instead Bronco fans had to deal five times with having endured a thumping on the biggest stage.

Then what?

We moved forward, that's what.

There is no magic elixir to make the pain go away any faster.

In fact, just this year Bronco fans had to pull that lesson from their emotional toolbox once again, following an extremely disappointing home playoff loss to Indianapolis.

And three weeks later, it happened to Seattle, although we all would agree theirs was a far more horrific hot pepper landing uneaten in the pits of their stomachs, to fester for the entire off-season.

But magic formulas? There are none.

Just getting up, looking at the sun (if it is a clear day in Seattle) and putting one step in front of the other.

All losses, like all victories, eventually are consigned to the memory bank of time, and the focus can only be straight ahead.

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