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Trevathan and Marshall helping each other in recovery


The Broncos donned helmets again to open the last phase of OTAs and make their final impressions before training camp in July.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —** Danny Trevathan and Brandon Marshall are not quite the same players they were going into last season, or parts of them are not the same, at least. Trevathan has a reconstructed kneecap after enduring a few blows to his knee last October and Marshall's foot surgery in March left him with a few temporary screws to hold things together.

As they currently go through rehab every day, both players are shooting to be back on the field for training camp.

Although the rest of the team will most likely spend time away during the summer break, Trevathan expects to be at the training facility everyday.

"I have no days off," said Trevathan. "Ever since I had my surgery, I came here. I told them I just want to work. Even if I'm not doing movement I want to be icing or doing something to get this knee better."

While the rest of the Broncos defense has been utilizing this offseason to adjust to new Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillip's 3-4 system, Trevathan and Marshall have been taking it all in on the sidelines. Though they haven't been able to get out on the field just yet, the two linebackers have gotten a chance to work alongside one another in the training room.

 "I wish he wasn't in there [but] it helps us," said Trevathan about Marshall's injury. "It's always reassuring and it's positive. [OLB] Von [Miller] and [CB] Chris [Harris Jr.] were together [rehabbing] and you saw how they came back."

A year ago, Miller and Harris were both recovering from ACL tears around the same time and said that being together pushed one another to get better. Both would end up returning like they didn't miss a step, having outstanding seasons that ended in trips to the Pro Bowl.

"That's what me and Brandon are taking out there. We want to be the best —the best fielding linebackers, the best-looking linebackers—everything."

Since both players haven't been able to put in physical reps on the field, they've been getting all of their position work on the mental side in the classroom.

"Me and Danny try to do the same thing," said Marshall. "There's a lot of responsibility so I think mental reps are just as important. Obviously you need to be in there, but mental reps can help you a lot."

The goal for Marshall and Trevathan is to return in time for training camp, but timetable aside, both players are looking forward to stepping on the field with one another when the time comes.

"It's an exciting thing," said Trevathan. "[We're] two capable players and we're two of the best linebackers in the league. It's time for people to start noticing that. We came in with kind of a chip on our shoulders. Us lining up next to each other is just extra motivation. I look into his eyes and he looks into my eyes and we both know that we both have the ability to play and be the best out there. It's time for us to make a name for ourselves."

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