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Ticket buyer tips

DENVER – On Sunday, the Denver Broncos will host the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Divisional game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High (kickoff 2:40 p.m.). While many people are trying to find tickets to the game, the Denver Police Department doesn't want that desperation to turn fans into victims.

Take these tips into consideration before buying tickets…

· Buy tickets from official ticket exchanges, such as Ticketmaster or the team's ticket box office. Through Ticketmaster your ticket is fully validated by the Denver Broncos. Purchasing through Ticketmaster and NFL TicketExchange guarantees access into the game.

· If the game is sold out, continue to check back with Ticketmaster and the NFL Ticket Exchange, tickets occasionally become available.

· If you do use third-party online exchanges, or individuals to buy tickets, be wary of sellers asking for wire transfer of funds, or cashier checks. Since these exchanges are not fully validated by the NFL, you are not guaranteed access to the game, and your funds may not be recoverable.

· Scalpers beware. It is against the law to sell tickets to events at a premium, or above face value in Denver.

· Look over your tickets closely. If the ticket looks fake, it probably is; look for low quality paper stock, smudgy printing, peeling layers, and ragged or uneven margins.

· Because of advanced technology, anyone can make counterfeit tickets look perfectly legitimate. Remember this before buying them. You don't want to show up at the gate and get turned away because the ticket is counterfeit.

· If you are one of the people who does possess tickets, do not post pictures of them on social media, this is the perfect way for disreputable brokers to duplicate.

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