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Through my eyes: Shane Ray's more than ready to step up


Every time I've touched the football, I've scored.

High school. College. And now, the big league. That's just the expectation I have for myself, and Sunday was no different.

It was late in the fourth quarter so we had been wearing down their offense all afternoon. The play call was an inside rush that we were working. At first, I saw the center coming towards me and at the exact same time I saw Von coming in at an angle. Then, I saw the ball come out to the side. So, the first thing that's crossing my mind is get back outside. When I got out there and picked up the ball, I knew I was going to score.

We practice that drill every day. Scoop and score. Scoop and score. Scoop and score. Why would I do any different in a game?

As I was about to step in the end zone, I all of a sudden felt T.Y. Hilton creeping up behind me and he almost caught me, but I was already in.

The feeling of running through the end zone as a defensive player and the intensity of the fans going crazy will never get old. At my position, you don't get that very often. That play was a huge moment for me, and I'm glad I got to keep the ball, but this is just another step for me.

I feel like I've shown splashes of being a great football player. But I want to put a résumé together of collectively being the best all around. Now I've got more opportunities to do that and I'm just excited.

Just playing alongside legends like DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller is a lesson in itself. Seeing them play, watching what they do, it just makes me want to be like that. When I see what they do, in my mind, I'm like, "I want to do that. I need to do that." Maybe against Cincinnati I strip the ball, and Von scores it.

We all work together, so the standard they create simply because of who they are translates to everyone in our position group.

I want to be that huge playmaker that everyone depends on to be the guy when you need it most. That's the type of role I want to take. And now, I'm taking the next step towards achieving that goal.

I'm a completely different player than I was as a rookie. Last year, I was thinking way too much instead of just going out and playing ball. Now, I feel so much more confident in my level of play. Against the Colts, I missed two sacks that I easily could have had if I had just done one small thing a little different. I'm so close.

A touchdown is incredible. But, two sacks and a touchdown? That's even better.

With DeMarcus' injury, I now have the chance to show everyone the type of player I can become.

And my confidence? It's never been higher.