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Threads Report: Omar Bolden


With 15 seconds left in the second quarter of Sunday's game with the Colts, safety Omar Bolden broke through to score a touchdown on an 83-yard punt return. The day before, he rocked a pair of brown leather pilot gloves as if he knew he'd fly down the football field less than 24 hours later.

Foresight aside, even Bolden's style is what he describes as "fly," but not because he drops a ridiculous amount of money on his wardrobe. While some of his peers choose to go the flashy route with designer labels that stand out, Bolden stays a little more down to earth.

"You know one thing about me? I'm not with the expensive things," Bolden said. "I'll put together a bunch of cheaper things to make them look good. I'm more into style than fashion. Fashion is like, all expensive designers and I don't think it really takes that to be fly."

He does, however, have a ridiculous amount of hats.

"I've seen this man wear a different hat for 31 days straight," said David Bruton Jr., who felt like his input would help us understand the amount of headgear Bolden actually owned.

"I could," Bolden said. "And that's not even including beanies. With beanies it goes to another level."For hats, I have like six rows and six different hats in each row. That's 36 and that's just regular hats," Bolden said. "I have 10 fitted hats and 11 top hats; some of my hats I have two of the same kind but different colors. Those numbers are only going to increase."

Looking ahead to the future, the safety said he has a specific outfit that he's been planning and for us to keep an eye out, but asked that we spare the color and style details in case one of his teammates try to cop his style.

"I've had this outfit picked out for like four weeks now," said Bolden. "It's for a home game, I've just been waiting to decide when I should wear it." 

Favorite colors to rock:

"Black, grey, white, tan… colors that I can match with a lot of different things."

Style icon:

"I appreciate anybody that dresses well. I like Kanye West. His line was way overpriced but he has great style."

Favorite places to shop:

"The ONLY places I shop are Zara, Topman, ASOS and Urban Outfitters. The places I shop are very accessible."

Best dressed on the team?

  1. Bubba Caldwell
  2. Himself
  3. T.J. Ward

Five favorite things in his closet:

  1. Jordan 1's in black and red, and black and gold.
  2. Maroon bomber made by Alpha MA-1
  3. A beige peacoat. But it's not a peacoat, it's swaggy. My homegirl is a fashion designer and she made it for me.
  4. A pair of beige Chelsea boots
  5. Grey Yeezy 350 Boosts
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