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The Squeeze: Thunder and Swaggy P

Good morning, #BroncosCountry –

Happy Thursday! We hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall October day. We're now inching towards another game this weekend in Oakland, and the Broncos will look to jump out to a 5-0 start. In the meantime, here are three things to get caught up on, starting with Thunder:

1. Get to know Thunder and his trainer

Ever wonder how Thunder keeps his cool during games on the field? Between 75,000 screaming fans to fireworks and pyro, Thunder maintains his composure – all because of his trainer Ann Judge-Wegener.

Judge-Wegener has trained all three Thunders (yes, we see Thunder Three on the field each game) for the past 18 years and there is a lot more training that goes into preparing each horse than one may know.

In a Q&A with Aurora Magazine, Judge-Wegener talked about the process of selecting and training Thunder, as well as some crazy stories about taking Thunder to the New York City streets during the 2013 Super Bowl.

Judge-Wegener is so good at her job that she can also pinpoint differences between the three Thunders that she has worked with:

Thunder Two was more active, he would unscrew the tops of water bottles and squish out all the water, or he'd get bored and zip and unzip our coats. We had to find things for him to do all the time, but this one just wants to stand there and go to sleep. Thunder One wanted to watch the game, Thunder Two wanted to watch the crowd, and this one doesn't want to watch either. He thinks the players are stupid, and the crowd is stupid, he just wants to go to sleep…

To read more about Thunder and Judge-Wegener, check out the full Q&A here and make sure to follow Thunder on Twitter.

2. Swaggy P

Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders made sure that his son Princeton looks good when he's repping the Broncos this season.

Young P, Young Me #PrincetonEmmanuelSanders

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3. In case you missed it…

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