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The Squeeze: Man buns and Peyton Manning

Good morning, #BroncosCountry –

Happy hump day! After a day off, the Broncos return to the UCHealth Training Center to prepare for a road trip to Oakland. While we're waiting, here are three things you should get caught up on, starting with some important hair news:

1. We need to talk about Garcia's 'man bun'
Look, we need to stop beating around the bush and ignoring the elephant in the locker room.

This is important.

Max Garcia is sporting a 'man bun' and he's proud of it.

His 'man bun' has really evolved since Garcia's arrival in Denver. At first, his locks were long and full – but alas, his teammates decided to take a little off the bottom when it came time for rookie haircuts, leaving him just with hair on top of his head.

Most rookies would just shave it all off. Not Garcia. He has since embraced the look, and others are even finding inspiration from his style (although we don't think Peyton would go for this daring look):

Sports Illustrated also delved into the 'man bun' phenomenon and showed you what top athletes would look like with 'man buns'.

The moral of this 'man bun' story is that when you spot Garcia on the sideline, warming up --- or just anytime when he's not wearing a helmet -- with his 'bun looking on fleek,' don't act like you're not impressed. Embrace the look just like he does.

2. Manning surprises fan for birthday
Long-time Peyton Manning fan Elfrieda Graves just turned 88 years old and received a pleasant surprise for her birthday from her favorite signal caller.

Her granddaughter wrote Manning a letter asking him to wish her grandmother a happy birthday, and Manning obliged. He sent her a picture that was signed with a note thanking her for her support.

"I was so taken back I started crying for joy," Elfrieda told 9News.

That picture now hangs in an important spot in her house: among pictures of her grandchildren.

3. In case you missed it…

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