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That's What He Said: Cowboys Postgame

Head Coach John Fox

On the offensive shootout

"I think at the end of the day, you want to have more than they have at the end. There were a lot of different styles of that. It was pretty amazing that it came down to the defense making the big play at the end to put the offense in position. Thank God our offense kept us in the game all day long. It was a great team victory. It was the first one where we were really behind. I thought this was probably our best character victory as far as coming from behind. I think it was 14-0 at one time. Everybody is against you, although I'll say there was a lot of orange in that stadium. I was a little bit surprised by that but that's a tribute to our fans and how we travel. It's tough to win in this league on the road. Very tough. We've gotten to 2-0 on the road and we count our blessings."

On whether the team needed a game like this

"I don't think so. Every one of these is a test. I don't know if you want to say this was the most difficult test – they're all difficult every time you go out there between those lines, at least in those players' eyes. But we were trailing by a substantial amount and we battled back."

Quarterback Peyton Manning

On the shootout

"It's a combination of both. It is hard to enjoy a touchdown drive when you feel like their offense is hot and you're going to have to go out there and do it again. We stayed focused on the sideline. Everybody was pretty determined to go out there and make some plays and keep moving the ball down the field. We talked about last night being able to handle being in a storm. We were kind of in a storm early, 14-0 on the road. That place was rocking. I thought we did a good job kind of digging ourselves out. Decker had a huge play to get our touchdown drive on that series. He made another great touchdown catch. I thought our guys stayed pretty poised considering the start of the game."

On whether he expected a shootout

"I haven't studied Dallas' offense that much, but certainly Tony (Romo) was awesome today. He made some great plays and (tight end Jason) Witten and (wide receiver Dez) Bryant – those guys made a lot of plays. We were hurting on defense from an injury standpoint. We lost some of our leaders and so it was going to be a tough challenge for them. And then you add the injuries and it was even tougher. Offensively, we did some good things. We were good in the red zone. We talked about at halftime, we had to keep scoring. We cannot get complacent and have any three-and-outs. Their offense is hot. The field goals were disappointing because their offense was scoring touchdowns in the second half. But, we kept scoring and then had the huge defensive play at the end, which was significant. We did not want to give them the ball back. I've never been in a situation quite like that in the end where we needed to get the first down but we didn't need to score. That difference was about half a yard. Knowshon and I were arguing at the end. He basically was asking, 'How am I supposed to do that. How can I get half a yard but not get a yard and a half?' I just said, 'You can't. You can't score. You can't do it. We have to get the first down, kick a field goal and get out of this place.' We kept it pretty close there at the end."

Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas

On coming back on the road

"That's big. Hostile environment, a lot of noise, defense came back and gave us the ball to get the W. It tells you something about the team. It's a great team right here and we played 60 minutes. We did whatever we had to do to get the win."

On not wanting to settle for field goals

"We do want to score every time. Every time we've got the ball, we want to score a touchdown. We don't want to settle for field goals. We want to finish it off with an extra point kick. We don't want to score three. That's our main goal – to score a touchdown every time we touch the ball."

Wide Receiver Wes Welker

On overcoming the deficit

"That's huge to be able to see that. Know that it's there, so we mentally know that we have the strength, that heart to fight back in the fourth quarter. Guys just continue to play ball and put ourselves in the position to win."

On scoring 50 points for the second consecutive week

"Well we don't put limitations on ourselves. We just go out there and our deal is to go out there and score. That's what we want to do. We want to go out there and score point and make plays. No matter what the score is we just go out there and try to put points on the board."

Defensive End Shaun Phillips

On why it was hard to get pressure on Cowboys QB Tony Romo

"We were going back and forth. They're still good, too, and Romo is very athletic. He's able to move around in the pocket and keep plays alive. I thought he did a lot of basketball-type things where he was running like pick-and-rolls basically with his offensive linemen. Again, that's our fault. We don't make excuses. We've got to make the plays, and the bottom line is we made the plays when it counted and we got the victory."

On what he learned from the game

"That we've got so much more room to improve. That's the great thing about it. We get to play another week, get the guys that are banged up, get those guys healthy and we play another week and keep on pushing."

Linebacker Danny Trevathan

On his interception

"I was baiting him but I saw (Derek) Wolfe rushing him and put his hands up. Romo threw it and I felt like, man, it's that time. Hopefully I don't drop the ball when I get in the end zone this time. But you know I fell to the ground, so forget it."

On giving up 48 points in a win

"It's crazy. We have to do a better job of containing them, but in football you're going to have tough games. They're getting paid just like we're getting paid and we just have to be able to stick it in and get that 'W' like we did."

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