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That's What He Said: Cardinals Postgame

Head Coach John Fox

On the injury report"[LB] Lerentee McCray left with a right ankle sprain. No further evaluation on that until our medical people gain more information."

On what he thought of QB Brock Osweiler's performance"Very good. I thought both young quarterbacks did some good things. I thought Gerell Robinson, wide receiver (did well). And [RB] Jeremiah Johnson came off a toe injury that he's been nursing, I thought (he) ran the ball hard. Off the top of my head, those are the guys come to mind. We'll look at the tape and evaluate it, and make some very hard decisions."

On if cutting players is the worst part of the season"Yeah. Last week was no fun. I think, as I mentioned before, I think everybody has either had to fire somebody or been fired. It's never fun on either side of that. You get close to these guys through the offseason conditioning, the OTAs, the minicamps, and four preseason games. It's never easy."

Quarterback Brock Osweiler

On his performance"It wasn't perfect. There were some good things we did tonight as an offensive unit and then there were some things, like always, that need to be cleaned up. There was a third down that I threw a ball in the dirt that should have probably been a completion, and the drive would have been still going. So there's always room to improve, but the pluses from tonight are, I thought the offensive line played lights out. I didn't get a hand put on me one time in the first half. The receivers made plays. [WR] Gerell Robinson had a huge game and it was a lot of fun reconnecting with him on the field. Obviously we had quite a few completions in our career at [Arizona State University] ASU together. And then the running backs, [RB] Jeremiah Johnson, for example, he hasn't practiced now in a few weeks and he came in and played great. [RB] Jacob Hester, and the whole crew did. So, it was definitely a team effort tonight."

On being the backup again once the regular season starts"As a football player, a quarterback, a competitor, I always want to play. It's hard sitting back and watching someone else, but at least that someone else is probably a first-ballot Hall of Famer, so it makes it a little bit easier. But this preseason was great. I think from the first game to this game I grew tremendously. I learned things week in and week out. I got better this preseason and that's the most important thing for me. And now, shoot, it's [QB] Peyton's [Manning] turn to go out there and lead us."

On if he is more confident in his play this season than last year"I believe that last year I would have been just fine. The package we would have run probably would have been a lot smaller. This year, I am way more comfortable with the total package. I understand our protections, I understand what we are trying to do in the run games and I understand our checks now. Last year, I only knew that on a small scale. Without question, I am way more comfortable this year than I was last year. If my number gets called, hopefully I can step in and the team won't skip a beat."

Wide Receiver Gerell Robinson

On the looming roster cutdowns"You know, like I said, I don't think about it too much. I know I'll get a call, regardless of where it is or who it's from. That's in God's hands. I can't control that and I know man doesn't, either. I just feel fortunate to be here, and fortunate to learn from these guys."

On whether he thinks he did enough to make the Broncos' 53-man roster
"Like I said, even if I do feel like I did, it doesn't matter what I think. Ultimately it comes down to what those heads in the top room think and what God has planned for me. I've been down this road before, so I know it's not what I think or what they think, it just matters what happens."

On his touchdown catch"It was a soft press, and their corners, they're not as aggressive as ours. So he was three or four yards off, and I made sure I got close. Coach says, 'Get close to get open,' so I got close and I was able to beat him and keep it on the shoulder. It was a great pass, and great protection, so I was able to make the play."

Running Back Ronnie Hillman

On the rationale behind him taking a couple snaps"They just wanted me to get in there and just get a couple carries so I don't go into the game with that fumble in my head. That's what it was."

On whether it worked"I mean, it was out of my head before. It's nice to get out there and be able to play and get a couple carries. I wanted to stay in, but they said I've got to get out."

On sharing first-team reps with Montee Ball"Just take it for what it is. We're both going to get numerous carries. It's 1a, 1b — it's not starters."

Defensive Tackle Sylvester Williams

On his performance tonight"I felt like I played better this game than the rest of the preseason games. Definitely, I think I did have a better game than the rest."

On his preseason experience"The biggest thing about the preseason is getting better every week and knocking the rust off of you. For some guys, it's been months since they played football – everybody, it's been months. Being able to get out there and hit somebody else is a good feeling. I'd say the biggest thing is that you want to get better every week, come out every week feeling like you got better. And rolling into Baltimore next week, we got better as a team and we're ready to roll." 

On his excitement for the Baltimore game"Oh, yeah. But you know, for us, we're taking it one day at a time. We're thinking about tomorrow, watching film and correcting this game. Going into Baltimore is going to be a big week for us, it's a big game. Obviously, we lost to those guys last year at a crucial time of the year, so we want to come out there and play well against those guys. Our coaches are going to prepare us and our players are going to play."

Defensive Back Omar Bolden

On when he was told he would switch to safety"Probably about four days ago, or after the last preseason game. They told me they were going to make the switch and I just ran at it full speed."

On whether he felt comfortable playing safety"As the game went on. When the game started, I was kind of nervous, as all players are when the game starts. After a couple of plays, a couple of hits, I was ready. I was tuned in."

On whether he'll go back to playing corner"I don't know. I play corner, nickel, safety, so I'm all over in the secondary. I'm just trying to show them my value and do it the best that I can."

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