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That's What He Said: Broncos at Giants

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. --The Broncos beat the New York Giants 41-23 Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium behind two rushing touchdowns from Knowshon Moreno and two more touchdowns through the air from Peyton Manning.

Here's what the Broncos had to say about the performance postgame.

Head Coach John Fox

On fumbles

"We practice. I don't think there's a defense in the league that doesn't work on takeaways. Whether it be stripping the ball as far as ball carriers or receivers that have the ball in possession and the same thing as far as breaking on the ball and trying to get interceptions. Our coaching staff does an excellent job and our players do a great job responding to it. Hopefully it continues."

On the defense as a whole

"We kind of are where we are right now and our guys just responded. It's tough to win in this league. A lot of the prognosticators say you're supposed to do this, you're supposed to do that. The reality is, there's a lot of great parity in this league. It's tough to win. It's tough to win anywhere, particularly on the road. Were happy to get the 'W.' We worked very hard for it both in preparation and today and we'll access next week when next week we get rolling."

On Knowshon Moreno

"He's a guy that had already been drafted when I got here. Everybody has their own rep when you get somewhere but I've seen him grow as a young man, I've seen him grow as a football player. I think he's definitely a leader of that running back room. I know it's big for him to come back – we had a lot of guys buy a lot of tickets this week but I have  a tremendous amount of respect to see how much he's grown as a football player and as a young man."

Quarterback Peyton Manning

On beating his brother

"It is a strange situation. Strange circumstances. Good win, good team win, but yeah, I don't know how – it's kind of hard – it's a unique situation. Not many other players have to go through it, so you can't ask too many people for advice on it. Good team win for us and good road win."

On relief having it over

"I think both of us are glad that it is over with. Postseason is one thing, but I don't believe I'll make it to the next regular-season one, so I think this'll be the end of it. I'll be happy about that. I know my family will. I know both Eli and I both probably it's just as easy."

On Knowshon Moreno

"I thought Knowshon was really critical today. I know today was a big game for him playing in his hometown, somewhat. Two great runs for touchdowns. You put all this work and time into your red-zone plays, but if you can get two 20-yard-plus touchdown runs, those are your two best red-zone plays all season. I thought he ran hard and that really opened up some things in that second half in the passing game."

Wide Receiver Wes Welker

On the importance of the running attack

"It's very important. Any time that you're able to run the ball like that and really kind of keep it balanced and different things like that, it's tough on defenses. The more we do that, the better."

On Knowshon Moreno

"It was awesome. He ran hard. He brought a lot of energy to the team and made a lot of big plays for us. That's what we need. That's what we like to see."

On halftime adjustments

"We came out running the ball a little bit more, trying to stay a little more balanced and different things like that. I think it really worked out for us."

Cornerback Chris Harris

On the win

"It was a great team effort. We didn't really worry about all the hype, but we know Peyton wants to win this game bad. We just made a great effort to go out there and get him the ball back so he could put some points up."

On his interception that was tipped off of Tony Carter's foot

"That's definitely some luck right there – but you've still got to catch it. I was able to be in the right spot and make a play. Not every pick is going to be coming right in your hands. I was lucky one came my way."

On the penalties

"We knew we can't beat ourselves, especially on the road. We can't beat ourselves. Some of those penalties were kind of shaky. I just try to keep everybody calm, everybody focused and just into the game. Some of those calls – y'all saw the game. It was kind of shaky. I don't want to say anything too far, but y'all saw the game."

Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas

On success in the second half

"We come out, we put up points, our defense does a great job of getting us the ball back. It's hard to believe, but I feel like when we get the ball when we come out in the second half, it's just pedal to the metal and we somehow just get into the end zone."

On the first win in New York against the Giants since 1980

"It was great. It was a great team win. I didn't have an idea that it was the first win for the Broncos, but I'm happy to be a part of it. The margin, we just went out there and did our job and the scoreboard was what it was."

On Trindon Holliday finding the end zone

"It's great. I'm happy for my man. We're always talking about him and the return game. He was great."