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Terrell Davis: For other Broncos Hall of Fame candidates, 'It's time'

HOUSTON --Now, it's time for more Broncos in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Terrell Davis' selection for the 2017 Hall class helps begin to correct the imbalance between the Broncos' long-term success and their relative lack of representation at the Hall of Fame, but doesn't do nearly enough. The Broncos have just six players in the Hall of Fame who played at least four seasons with the club, a number that pales in comparison with division rivals like the Chargers and Chiefs, who have 10 and 13 Hall of Famers apiece in spite of combining for just one Super Bowl win and three appearances in the sport's biggest game.

In the wake of joining the Hall of Fame, Davis spoke up for the inclusion of Steve Atwater, Karl Mecklenburg, John Lynch and Pat Bowlen to join him in Canton.

"I'm hoping that this sort of opens up the gate for those guys," Davis said. "But it's a difficult process, as we've seen. I don't know what it is about Denver. Maybe it's the media market. But it certainly doesn't have the attention that it probably deserves to have when it comes to Hall of Fame members.

"So hopefully -- if I can influence that and have any control in that -- I will certainly try to aid in bringing some attention to that, to make sure we have more players represented in the Hall of Fame."

To Davis, that starts with Atwater and Mecklenburg. He played four seasons with Atwater (1995-98), so he saw up-close what the hard-hitting safety could do in his prime. Davis arrived in Denver just as Mecklenburg retired, but he knows what kind of greatness the versatile front-seven stalwart displayed.

"Steve Atwater and Karl Mecklenburg -- it's time," Davis said. "They've waited a long time. Those guys have impacted the game like their peers, and they need to be honored in this fashion."

So should Owner Pat Bowlen.

"The man is just a class act. He transformed that team when I was there. He gave us everything we wanted. He [is] a true owner in terms of allowing the people he put in place to do their jobs, and just get out of the way," Davis said. "Mr. B, absolutely, that's another person that I hope will be in hopefully soon."

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