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T. J. Ward hosts football camp

Safety T. J. Ward hosted his first fundamental football camp on Saturday in partnership with USA Football.

DENVER, Colo. - Broncos safety T. J. Ward held his first football skills camp on Saturday. In partnership with USA Football, the free camp hosted over 100 children ages 10-13 and taught them the fundamentals of the game. Ward himself grew up playing football and felt one of the most beneficial things for his development as a player was participating in camps like this one.

"I went to a couple things like this [as a kid] - not many, but that's why I'm doing it: because I would have loved to have the opportunity when I was younger," said Ward.

USA Football's tackling curriculum differs greatly from what Ward learned growing up. A number of the coaches at the camp were what USA Football calls Heads Up Certified, allowing campers to learn how to play the game in the safest way possible.

"The coaches are doing a great job," said Ward. "I was just at one of the tackling drills and they were teaching head up, chest up and all of the things that we're still kind of learning as pros.

"When I played it wasn't even about tackling, it was more about hitting drills… it was more about just being physical and dominating. We did a lot of hitting drills when I was growing up playing so it's a lot different now."

The camp definitely taught Ward a few things have changed since he was that age, including the fact that a number of his campers are female.

"I saw a bunch of girls [out here]," said Ward. "You know, hopefully one day we'll get the first female player in the NFL."

Check out photos of the Broncos' safety duo from their youth.

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