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Sirius XM's Pat Kirwan: 'This team is loaded'


View the top photos from the Broncos during practice at UCHealth Training Center.

The Broncos won their first preseason game and in the process recorded seven sacks. With the pressure they had, could you clearly see the mark of Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips?**

Yeah. People like to say it's a 3-4; what it is, is blitz pressure and man-to-man cover. And there's so much one-gap going on with the defensive line that I wouldn't call it a 3-4. It's Wade's 3-4, which ultimately is a four-man front. If you just would—when you're watching TV—stop the camera right on the point where the ball snaps, then what you really see is a 4-3 under defense with an outside pressure player. And he's got the weapons here. He's got more weapons here than he's had in a long time.

As far as the first preseason game goes, how much should a fan or someone watching the game take away what they want to expect later on?

I think expectations should go up off what they saw. I was in Seattle yesterday and they changed three offensive linemen in the starting five after that game. So they took it quite serious. Their right tackle, who played all the games last year including the Super Bowl, has been moved to left guard. So, yeah, I think there's reason to get excited about what you saw. Look, I've been to 13 camps and I've got another one tomorrow. This team is loaded.

With Derek Wolfe's suspension knocking him out of the first quarter of the regular season, how important is it that the Broncos signed Antonio Smith and Vance Walker—two veterans—who can play in his stead?

Opening night's the Baltimore Ravens, and it's a big game and it comes back to haunt the loser when it comes time to figure out home-field advantage and Wild Cards and everything else. I think you'll be fine with Walker and Smith, and those guys will roll through there and there's going to be some strange packages where DeMarcus is going to be on the field with Von Miller and Shane Ray. So one of the front three is going to come off the field to make those packages.

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