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Shot of the game: Harris sacks Orton


What did this photograph say about this game to you?
This photo does a good job of encapsulating the game. Kyle Orton was back in town and the Broncos defense was after him all game. Chris Harris Jr. also had a great game, so it's a good visual of his impact on the game.

Getting Chris Harris Jr.'s face in this shot is amazing. What does his expression add to this photo?
His expression really makes the photo, you can see his determination and effort in making the play.

What sets this photo apart from all the other great shots from Sunday?
A combination of the two previous answers. It captures the feel of the game and is impactful due to the expression and positioning of Harris.

Were there any challenges in getting this photo?
It's more a matter of luck than challenges for this photo. Typically, when Denver is on defense, I'd be positioned behind the line of scrimmage to get a better view of the pass rush. This series, I happened to be downfield to get more shots in the secondary since Buffalo was down and would be throwing more. Being downfield is usually more difficult for sacks due to being behind the linemen, but the way this play worked, the line broke down and there was a big hole open for the photo.

How do you create the depth of focus, keeping those two in focus at that specific moment?
Luckily both Orton and Harris Jr. are near enough to the same plane in the distance, so that helps keep them both in focus. Also being at an aperture of 4.0 helps increase the depth of field just enough.

What technical aspects did you use for this photo, and what did those specifics mean for this shot?
This photo was taken with a Canon 1DX using a 300mm 2.8 lens and a 1.4x teleconverter with a shutter of 1/1250, 4.0 aperture at 2500 ISO. Adding the teleconverter helps get a little bit closer to the action, and the teleconverter also forces the minimum aperture to be 4.0, which gives a greater depth of field.

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