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Roby looks to improve performance grade


Englewood, Colo. —** Bradley Roby gave himself a C-minus on the field last season from the cornerback position. As a rookie, Roby joined a stacked secondary that included three Pro Bowl selections in Aqib Talib, Chris Harris Jr. and T.J. Ward. This season, while the defense looks to improve, Roby says he's working on becoming more reliable in his role.

"I feel like when I'm more consistent that's when I play my best," said Roby. "So that's really what I'm working on."

Last year Roby played in sixteen games for the Broncos in his first season. With Roby likely to make a big contribution this season, consistency is also the biggest thing that the rest of the secondary needs from him.

"He's going to have to be consistent, especially playing with me and Talib out there on the field, he's going to get some action," said Harris Jr. "We're going to need him to be very consistent, even more consistent than he was last year. He definitely has to take that next level and we need him to if we're going to get even better than last year as a defense."

"He wants to be good in the league," said Talib. "Last year he kind of didn't know what to expect. He's seen what the league is about and he feels like he can be one of the top corners in the league."

While Roby did put 65 tackles on the board last season, Harris Jr. agrees that his work on the field can still improve drastically.

"I would say a C-minus is pretty good," says Harris Jr. "He was really up and down and he went through a streak of like six touchdowns, five touchdowns he gave up in a row. Whenever you have that, I mean, that's definitely a C-minus. So, he knows that he has to get better."

One way he's looking to become more consistent is by simply playing smarter.

"Last year I kind of was just out there trying to stop the receiver and stop all of the routes," says Roby. "You really can't do that. You really have to know where your help is, know where your safety is and your linebacker is; pay attention to splits, things like that. And that will put you in the best position.

"Last year I didn't do that and that's why I made the mistakes that I did," Roby says.

Another obstacle that he will look to conquer this offseason is learning a new defense. With the veteran core that the secondary boasts, Roby will have to step up to the plate quickly.

"I feel way more comfortable," says Roby. "You know, I think last year I thought about not getting beat, things like that because I knew was a rookie. I was thinking about not getting beat rather than paying attention to the right keys that will make sure I don't get beat.

"I'm going to be a lot better; a whole lot better this year," he says.

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