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Reflecting on the Past Week in Broncos Country

The past week has been a great one in Broncos Country and a great one for The Game.

The Game is something generally experienced from the inside looking out, not from the outside looking in.

Pat Bowlen, beloved owner of the Broncos and one of the great owners in history, received the ultimate community award from The Mizel Institute.

Pat has donated over 25 million dollars in actual, real cash money--not promotional considerations--cash, within the state of Colorado over his 30 years owning the Broncos.

And, get this and really considered it:  in the history of the NFL, MLB and NBA he is one of just three owners to have their team for 30 years AND have a .600 winning percentage--the other two are the late Tim Mara of the Giants and Jerry Buss of the Lakers.

On the same day on which he got that award he spread the wealth around--a lot of owners might not do this--by announcing Tom Nalen into the Broncos Ring of Fame.

And Tom is a perfect representative of The Game.  Because those on the inside know that games are imperfect. Games have warts.  Tom was a quintessential tough player, smart, aggressive, played hurt and played within the rules.

Some very foolishly think his toughness made him dirty.  Not in the least, no way.

The only dirt on Tom Nalen was on his uniform.  He knew the rules and used them to the max of his abilities.

Tom Nalen knew, respected and represented The Game as an entity into itself.

So too for Pat Bowlen.

The Game always deserves the best we have to give it.

To be truly in, you leave nothing behind, nothing on the table.  You give The Game your soul, always.

Pat Bowlen and Tom Nalen have never given The Game any less than that, and so the honor goes to all three.