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Power-rankings roundup, Week 7: Broncos fall

After a home loss to the Giants, the Broncos took a hit across the board in the power rankings. But it was also a weird week for many teams, and the Broncos didn't tumble too far. In the rankings we surveyed, the Broncos' average ranking fell from about sixth to 10th.

Washington Post, Mark Maske

Current rank: No. 9
Last week: No. 4

The Giants were going to win a game eventually. But if the Broncos aspire to be one of the league's top teams, that loss simply cannot happen on their home field in a prime-time game. The defense could not stop the Giants' running game and QB Trevor Siemian made a costly gaffe with a pick-six.

Bleacher Report, Chris Simms

Current rank: No. 7
Last week: No. 2

Having said all that, I still believe in the Broncos. I like what I've seen from the offense this season, and the defense is still championship-caliber. The defense had an off night and still only allowed 266 yards of total offense.

When the offense avoids the kind of missteps it made against New York, the Broncos are as tough to beat as anyone.

Take a frame-by-frame look at the Von Miller's sack of Eli Manning. (Photos by Gabriel Christus)

Current rank: No. 8
Last week: No. 7

The Broncos lost a home game to a winless Giants team and saw their starting quarterback get hurt. Now they have to play three straight on the road, with trips to Kansas City and Philadelphia. Then, when they finally return home, the Patriots will be coming to town. It won't be an easy go, to say the least.

Sports Illustrated/The MMQB

Current rank: No. 13
Last week: No. 6

Only way the Broncos could have looked less prepared on Sunday night would have been if multiple players had forgotten to wear pants (I'll check the coaches film later today to confirm that wasn't the case). Trevor Siemian's poor play drew the headlines, but for this Broncos defense to allow 148 rushing yards to that Giants rushing attack is unforgivable.

USA Today

Current rank: No. 15
Last week: No. 6

Key injuries, poor play and falling to a winless team at home after your bye week? Denver's Sunday night loss about as bad as they come.

Yahoo! Sports, Frank Schwab

Current rank: 10
Last week: 6

Sunday's debacle against the Giants brought on another round of some Broncos fans griping about Trevor Siemian. It's fairly useless. The Broncos aren't acquiring anyone better during this season. It'll be hard for them to draft anyone who's not a gamble, considering they won't have a high pick. They already gambled once with Paxton Lynch, and that hasn't worked out yet. Maybe they could go all-in on Kirk Cousins if he becomes a free agent, but there is going to be a lot of sticker shock with his contract. It's probably best if Broncos fans just get used to having Siemian as their quarterback., Elliot Harrison

Current rank: No. 13
Last week: No. 7

If ever there was a case of overlooking an opponent, it was the Broncos on Sunday night. Yet, you can't ignore that Vance Joseph's group is 3-2 after playing four of their first five games at home. While no one should overreact to the loss to the Giants, it did reveal a few offensive issues. Trevor Siemian threw for over 300 yards. Which tells you how overrated the 300-yard game is in today's NFL., Andrew Mason

Current rank: No. 7
Last week: No. 2

After ranking fifth in the league in net points per possession on offense after Week 2, the Broncos have fallen to 19th following outputs of 16, 16 and 10 points with a pick-6 against them on Sunday night.

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