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Plummer gets cookin' at Grill cook-off


Jake Plummer and Tyler Wiard had a cook-off at the Broncos' Noble Energy Grill on Sunday.

DENVER- ** Growing up, Jake Plummer's favorite homemade meal was his mother's tofu surprise.

The dish was comprised of tofu, vegetables and curry seasoning. The "surprise" of the dish wasn't an ingredient, it was how it tasted.

"The surprise was that it tasted good because it was supposed to be healthy but usually healthy food didn't taste good, but the surprise was that it tasted really good—we loved it," Plummer said.

Plummer, who is an advocate for home-cooked meals and using fresh ingredients, showed his cooking chops on Sunday as he participated in a celebrity chef cook-off at the Noble Energy Sports Legends Mall outside of Sports Authority Field.

He and Tyler Wiard, Executive Chef and Culinary Director of Elway's Restaurant Group, put on a cooking demonstration and they made steak tacos. As they diced, chopped, seasoned and grilled, they discussed cooking and football, entertaining fans who waited eagerly for free samples of the delicious tacos.

Wiard was impressed with Plummer's cooking skills.

"He does have cooking chops," Wiard said. "His knife skills are awesome. We had a great time together. He really has a lot of knowledge about food."

The cook-off on Sunday was the fourth that has taken place at the Noble Energy Grill, which is powered by clean Colorado natural gas. Last month, the Broncos and Noble Energy unveiled the grill, which is 70-feet long and hosts the Celebrity Cook off each Sunday three hours before game time.

This year is the first of a multiple-year partnership between the Broncos and Noble Energy. As part of the partnership, Noble Energy will help recognize striving students on Broncos game days. In addition, Noble Energy works with the Broncos on numerous community initiatives and charitable programs.

"There's a lot of different angles to the deal but the biggest piece of it is this grill here within the Noble Energy Sports Legends Mall here on the south side of the building," said Broncos' Vice President of Business Development Darren O'Donnell. "They're set up here, handing out information, collateral on their company. The big thing is celebrating what they do, which is oil and gas and energy production. We're celebrating and making that alignment with the Broncos and there's no better way of doing that than building a natural gas-powered grill so we can cook and tailgate and have a good time."

Fans certainly did have a great time watching Plummer and Wiard cook and eating steak tacos. Ted Brown, senior vice president of Noble Energy, said the partnership between Noble Energy and the Broncos is the most fun partnership he has ever been a part of.

"Tailgating is the ultimate NFL experience, ultimate football experience," Brown said. "This is a part of a bigger message on tailgating, is that makes us all stop and think about where our energy is coming from and that's really what the purpose is, to start a conversation with people talking about Noble Energy, talking about what we do in Colorado and that were such an important part of what goes on in Colorado and it's all about powering a grill with clean Colorado natural gas."

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