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Photog's Favorite: Sanders' diving catch



]( photo for larger image

Why do you like this photo more than any other? Is there something small that a photographer's eye catches in this photo that I might not?
I like this photo because I have been trying to get a photo of Emmanuel Sanders doing his acrobatics all year. He is completely airborne and there is full separation in the photo. Little details like the grass flying up add to the photo.

What happened in order for you to get this shot?
The Broncos were driving down the field on a two-minute drill so I dropped back in the end zone in case there was a big play. I stayed on Manning until he threw the ball and found Sanders making a diving catch like I have seen him do many times before. This time I was in a better position for a photo.

How does your experience and instinct/eye come into play with this photo?
I knew where to be in case something big happened. It was just luck that it happened on my side of the field.


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What challenges were there in getting this shot? Did the snow affect what you were able to do? Are there benefits that knowing the home field gives you? **The biggest challenge to get this photo was finding the receiver and focusing before he catches the ball. There was not enough snow coming down at this time to affect shooting. The biggest benefit of shooting at home is knowing the light, security and layout of the stadium.

For all the photo geeks, what technical settings did you have to use to make this photo?
I was using a Canon 1D MKIV with a 400mm f2.8L IS. My settings were at ISO 1000, f2.8, 1/1000th of a second.

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