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Paige Elway, Anna Welker host Bowl n' Bark


AURORA, Colo. –**Abandoned dogs throughout Denver received tremendous support Monday night at the inaugural Bowl n' Bark event, hosted by Paige Elway and Anna Welker.

Their husbands were among the hundreds of people who packed Moe's Original Bar B Que in Aurora, along with DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib and many other Broncos. The event benefited the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley, with proceeds being put towards renovations of the current facility and the construction of a new facility that can support more animals.

Paige and Welker have been supporting the Humane Society by visiting the shelter and volunteering, and also brought several dogs to Dove Valley in October to raise awareness about the Bowl n' Bark event.

Check out the best shots from the event put on by Paige Elway and Anna Welker to benefit the Humane Society of South Platte Valley.

"They've been so sweet, they've come down to the shelter, they've walked dogs with us," shelter director Leslie Maisonnueve said. "They've spent all kinds of time with the dogs. They just have been so kind to us and we're so grateful for everything they've done for us.

"It's opening up a whole new bunch of folks that will help support our animals and we're just thrilled to death."

Elway said the event is aimed to "jumpstart" efforts behind building a new shelter that can offer more care, which is important for a facility that receives many animals from the suburbs around Denver in addition to those within the city.

"It's important to [the shelter] because they want something that's more fitting for the animals," Elway said. "They can enrich their lives to make them better animals for their new forever homes. We're hoping to get as many dogs placed tonight as possible and in the future as well."

With the tremendous turnout, Elway and Welker expect to have a far greater impact than they originally anticipated when putting the event together. By the time they secured their desired sponsors, the amount of money raised was already double their initial estimate, with donations and admission from all participants still to come. Additionally, the event featured a silent auction packed full of donated items, such as signed memorabilia and canine-themed décor, and a raffle with prizes going to those who correctly guessed the winner of the bowling competition.

"Truly, it's incredible," Welker said. "We're so thankful for all of our sponsors and all of our wonderful friends for supporting us."

One of the many Broncos who attended was Brock Osweiler, who has two dogs of his own at home.

"I love them dearly and I'm a big-time dog lover," Osweiler said. "[This event] is huge, especially to see something like this during the holiday season. So many guys have events going on and there are charities around the community and city and to see this many people come out tonight, it's very special."

Welker, who owns an adopted rescue dog, hopes that in addition to helping the Humane Society, the event can encourage more prospective dog owners to take in a dog from a shelter rather than purchase one.

"My big thing is adopt one, don't buy one," Welker said. "Wes and I adopted our little dog, Penny, and I could not imagine a better best friend.

"I think she's really grateful for us and it kind of makes her a cooler dog because she did come from the shelter."

Take a look below at the Humane Society's visit to Dove Valley:

With support from Paige Elway and Anna Welker, the Humane Society of South Platte Valley brought a collection of dogs and puppies that are up for adoption to Dove Valley Tuesday, where they were greeted by Broncos.

With the Bowl 'N Bark event, organized by Paige Elway and Anna Welker, getting closer (Dec. 8), we dug back through our files for more photos from the Humane Society's visit to Dove Valley on Nov. 3.

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