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Mason's Power Rankings: A bit of clarity at the top


1. PHILADELPHIA (12-2) Last week: 1

As it turned out, losing Carson Wentz wasn't the problem for the Eagles, at least for Sunday's game. But allowing 2.8 net points per possession the last two weeks is a big concern.

2. NEW ENGLAND (11-3) Last week: 3

New England averaged 3.4 points per possession on Sunday, the best figure in the league in Week 15.

3. MINNESOTA (11-3) Last week: 5

The Vikings aren't just a defensive juggernaut; they are in the league's top quartile in net points, net yards and first downs per possession on offense.


  1. PITTSBURGH (11-3) Last week: 2 **

The Steelers have dropped from fourth to 11th in per-possession defensive efficiency in the last two weeks.

5. JACKSONVILLE (10-4) Last week: 4

With seven wins in their last eight games, this is the hottest team in the AFC.

6. L.A. RAMS (10-4) Last week: 7

Clearly, they have arrived.

7. NEW ORLEANS (10-4) Last week: 6

The Saints are 8-0 when they score at least 21 points.

8. CAROLINA (10-4) Last week: 8

The return of Greg Olsen and the continued emergence of Christian McCaffrey gives the Panthers' offense myriad options. It is a dangerous attack that is hard to scheme.

9. ATLANTA (9-5) Last week: 11

It's strange that the Falcons control their own fate for the NFC South crown and a team ahead of them, Carolina, does not, but it's all about matchups.


  1. BALTIMORE (8-6) Last week: 12 **

Their final two foes are a combined 8-20. It's looking good for their first playoff trip since 2014.

11. DETROIT (8-6) Last week: 15

Two games against the Bengals and the Packers without Aaron Rodgers should get them to 10-6, but the tiebreakers are not in their favor.

12. KANSAS CITY (8-6) Last week: 16

Having stopped the bleeding, the Chiefs are now one win away from their second consecutive AFC West title.

13. L.A. CHARGERS (7-7) Last week: 10

One kick in Weeks 1 or 2 might end up being what keeps them out of the playoffs. Their hope now rests in the Titans continuing their collapse and the Bills continuing to struggle on the road (they have lost six of their last eight games away from Buffalo).

14. DALLAS (8-6) Last week: 18

The Cowboys have momentum and Ezekiel Elliott back in the lineup, but they need two wins and help to reach the postseason.

15. SEATTLE (8-6) Last week: 9

It will be fascinating to see what direction the Seahawks choose from here.

16. BUFFALO (8-6) Last week: 17

Their position is more precarious than their record indicates; a .500 split won't be enough if the Chargers and Ravens win out and the Titans can win at least once.


  1. GREEN BAY (7-7) Last week: 14 **

Aaron Rodgers is done for the season, and now the Packers are playing out the string.

18. WASHINGTON (6-8) Last week: 21

The Redskins have averaged just 16.8 points per game in the last four weeks.

19. TENNESSEE (8-6) Last week: 13

After losing twice to teams that are a combined 10-18, now the Titans have to find a way to win at least once against a pair of 10-4 teams (Rams and Jaguars).

20. MIAMI (6-8) Last week: 20

After two promising games, the Dolphins regressed in Buffalo and saw their playoff hopes virtually evaporate.

21. ARIZONA (6-7) Last week: 22

Blaine Gabbert didn't throw an interception for the first time in his four starts this season in the Cardinals' win over the Titans last Sunday.

22. OAKLAND (6-8) Last week: 19

They were victims of the worst rule in football: the fumble out of bounds in the end zone when the defense doesn't gain possession.

23. SAN FRANCISCO (4-10) Last week: 27

Eighteen of 29 drives led by Jimmy Garoppolo have ended in scores. Fifteen of them have been field goals, so that needs to be improved, but Garoppolo and the 49ers are consistently moving the football.


  1. DENVER (5-9) Last week: 25 **

Denver's defense has allowed just four touchdowns in December -- with only two of them coming on drives that started in the opposing offense's territory.

25. TAMPA BAY (4-10) Last week: 24

Jameis Winston has put together arguably the best three-week stretch of his career since he returned from injury, but the Bucs have lost all three games by a combined 12 points, including one defeat in overtime.

26. CHICAGO (4-10) Last week: 28

Mitchell Trubisky has advanced to the point where the "wow" throws are outnumbering the "whoa" ones.

27. CINCINNATI (5-9) Last week: 23

The team that beat the Broncos last month appears to be long gone, as the Bengals have been outscored 67-14 in their last two games.

28. N.Y. JETS (5-9) Last week: 26

Bryce Petty struggled, and the Jets' offense didn't have enough to keep pace with the Saints. New York's only road win this year came over the Browns.


  1. INDIANAPOLIS (3-11) Last week: 30 **

Throw out the snow game in Buffalo, and the Colts' recent losses since a Nov. 5 win at Houston have all been the same: score between 10 and 17 points; allow between 20 and 30 points.

30. HOUSTON (4-9) Last week: 29

Houston has averaged just 14.9 points per game since Deshaun Watson tore his ACL. The Texans averaged 34.7 points per game with Watson starting.

31. N.Y. GIANTS (2-12) Last week: 31

On a day when their offense had its best performance of the season, scoring 29 points, the Giants' defense was gashed by a Nick Foles-led offense.

32. CLEVELAND (0-14) Last week: 32

If the Browns are to avoid going winless, they will have to snap a road losing streak that now stands at 20 games.

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