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Manning Joins Late Show with David Letterman

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. --Peyton Manning can't get away from the "Omaha" craze.

On Monday night, the Broncos' quarterback made an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, and one of the highlights came when the host asked Manning about his use of the call throughout the season.

"Omaha is kind of out there -- these TV mics just pick up everything, and I don't like it," Manning said. "I'm not a fan of it, Dave, because it reveals terminology that the other opponent you're going to play the next week can use."

But Manning, cracking a smile, had a solution.

"I think I know how to fix it, Dave. I think you've got to get up there and just say some really negative things about the commissioner, Roger Goodell," he joked. "Just, 'Blue 20, blue 20, Roger Goodell's a no-good, you-know-what,' and I think they'll just kind of turn that volume down a little bit."

You can watch the full segment above.

Manning and Letterman also discussed the quarterback's neck surgery and subsequent recovery to return to MVP form:

Super Bowl XLVIII was another topic of discussion:

Finally, Letterman and Manning had a little quarterback competition, attempting to throw footballs into the back window of moving New York City taxis. For the record, Manning made it twice, joking that he's "still got it."

Just for the fun of it, let's take a look back at Manning's debut appearance on the Late Show all the way back in 1997. The University of Tennessee released the full interview on YouTube.

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