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Manning clears the air about leaked Brady emails

Peyton Manning cleared the air about his thoughts concerning what Patriot quarterback Tom Brady said regarding the future Hall of Famer. In a 2014 personal email leaked earlier this month, Brady suggested that Manning only has two more years to Brady's seven or eight. 

This isn't the first time Manning's career longevity has been the subject of conversation, so Manning took it in stride.

"Everybody's been speculating on that for a long time so I guess maybe he's joining the list of everybody trying to predict," said Manning.

And it's by far not the harshest criticism he's received, Manning added.

"Somebody said that I was roasted – I've been roasted before that is not a roast," said Manning. "I've been to a couple of private dinners and banquets where I didn't know it was going to turn into a roast of me but it did, and I can promise you that email was amateur night compared to some of the things that people really said about me."

But all is well between the two opponents and NFL colleagues. Brady extended an apology to Manning  as soon as the emails went public.

"Tom sent me an apology text that was unnecessary to the fact that his email got revealed," said Manning. "It didn't make a lot of sense to me so, no harm, no foul."

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