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Manning Brothers' Bond Helps Super Bowl Prep

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. --At the AFC Championship Game, Eli Manning surprised his brother Peyton with a visit to the locker room postgame.

"Two years ago, we didn't think Peyton was coming to San Francisco for the (NFC) Championship Game and he showed up," Archie Manning said after the Broncos' win last Sunday. "He just showed up with some Indy guys and didn't tell us, didn't tell Eli anything. So Eli kind of did that today, too."

The relationship between the two Super Bowl-winning brothers was in the spotlight earlier this season when the Broncos and Giants squared off at MetLife Stadium in Week 2.

That was Peyton Manning's first time in the stadium where Super Bowl XLVIII will be held.

But he'll have plenty of knowledge of the venue courtesy of his brother.

"I might have a few things for him, but I don't want to reveal that because I don't want to give that to Russell Wilson," Eli Manning said on a conference call. "Any tips wind-wise, I will tell him in private."

"The old stadium definitely did have a specific end zone and corner you really did not want to throw into if it was going to be a windy night," he explained. "I know it's going to be cold. I obviously don't know what the wind conditions are right now, but if it is one of those windy days, there are a few little things that you can give, but it's definitely not as bad as the old stadium."

Eli, whose Giants played the Seattle Seahawks in Week 15, said he would also share with Peyton anything he gleaned from his battle with the Broncos' Super Bowl opponent.

"I'll obviously give any information that I have to him, in our preparation, our game plan, just kind of different things I saw watching film and different tips," he said. "I will try to give him everything that I can give him to make his preparation better, any tips or things that I saw. If he has any questions, I'd be happy to answer them and help out in any way."

The bond between the brothers has been obvious this week.

Eli said he's been trying to help Peyton deal with ticket requests and other logistics in advance of the big game so that his older brother can focus on the game itself.

"I think I've been helpful to him and he's been helpful to me the past two that I've played in and he's helped me out again this year," Peyton said. "You certainly appreciate that."

Peyton said the brothers have bounced "a lot of ideas off of each other these past 10 years" as they prepare for games.

The one next Sunday just happens to be a little different than just another game.

"It's not like watching any other football game. If I'm watching two other teams, I'm kind of casually watching and don't really care who wins or loses. Here, it's a little bit more nerve-wracking," said Eli, who made it clear he's rooting for his brother and the Broncos. "I don't get nervous playing football games, I get nervous watching my brother play and I guess because I've been doing this for a long time and you kind of know key moments and key plays. Obviously we'll be rooting hard and I'm excited for him, watching these last two playoff games and playing well and hopefully he can continue to do that. You know what it means to win championships and how hard he's worked.

"I'm obviously very proud of him and I'm hoping he can go out there and play well and the whole team, the Broncos, can play well and get a win."

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