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Kubiak: New rules change intriguing


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —** The effect of Tuesday's rules change to move the snap on extra-point kicks back to the 15-yard line and allowing defenses the ability to score won't be seen for months when the season gets underway, but Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak expects a bit of adjustment.

"It'll be interesting, because I don't really think things are going to change, except the fact that percentage goes down from 32 or 33 yards," Kubiak said at the Broncos' A Night With The Coaches presented by U.S. Bank and Del Frisco's event Tuesday night. "So the minute you miss an extra point, the two-point play comes into effect."

The new rule is breaking ground on changes to plays in the game long regarded as chip shots, so while the league could have voted to make more sweeping changes to PATs, they went with slight changes that are nonetheless new to the NFL.

The change is expected to change thinking in deciding to take a chance on a two-point conversion. Kubiak said Director of Analytics Mitch Tanney is hard at work gathering data on how the risks and odds weight out with the kick moving back 13 yards from the previous standard.

"It'll be interesting though, because there's no research," Kubiak said. "I mean, the game's never been played that way and how people adjust but I see us working on two-point conversions a lot more now than we have in the past."

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