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KaBOOM! and The CarMax Foundation build playground at Tennyson Center for Children


Broncos players visited the Tennyson Center for Children on Tuesday after volunteers built a brand new playground on behalf of KaBOOM! and The CarMax Foundation.

DENVER, Colo. --** Broncos players Lorenzo Doss, Kapri Bibbs and Taurean Nixon joined 311 volunteers on Tuesday to help build a new playground for students at the Tennyson Center for Children. The event, organized by partners KaBOOM! and The CarMax Foundation, is one of 30 playground builds that will happen across the U.S. before the end of 2015; the Tennyson Center build is number 28.

By the day's end, the volunteers mixed 22,000 pounds of cement and, in playground measurement, used four elephants worth of mulch.

"This would not have happened without the volunteers," said Rod White, CEO of the Tennyson Center. "It truly does make a difference. It makes a difference on the treatment of our kids, it makes a difference on their ability to play and climb on stuff. I just can't thank them enough."

The Tennyson Center serves children to help them overcome life crises, including abuse and neglect. They have been helping kids for more than a century. 

"Growing up, I went through a lot too," said RB Kapri Bibbs. "We didn't have any role models that came back to look after us or guide us in the right direction where I was from. If I had somebody that came and showed us the right way or gave us a helping hand in our community, things would have been so much better."

KaBOOM! is a non-profit dedicated to giving children, specifically those who are less fortunate, a place where they can play and thrive. Since 1996, the organization has built 2,763 playgrounds across America. The CarMax Foundation joined forces with KaBOOM! because they also believe that all kids need balanced and active play in order to become successful adults.

As the build came to a close, Kelly Rubel, the Regional Vice President and General Manager of CarMax, presented the Tennyson Center with a $10,000 check to help with future needs. 

"My whole life I told myself that I wanted to be a part of something that gave back to kids if I ever got in this position," said Bibbs. "Now that I'm here I just want to give as much support as I can to show people that I really do care about the kids and about people who have been through things in their lives."

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