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How TJ lived one day in Von Miller's shoes

TJ is a 12-year-old boy battling cystic fibrosis, and all he wanted was to beVon Millerfor a day. So with the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Broncos, TJ and his family flew to Denver for a day in Miller's shoes, with meals, activities and other details picked out by the Super Bowl 50 MVP.


Breakfast like Von

To start off the day, TJ and his family had the option to eat the same breakfast Miller usually eats. So, after he told them what that meal is — scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and hash browns — that's exactly what TJ ordered, along with some pancakes. And he wasn't the only one to order Miller's usual meal; the rest of the family followed suit, too.


Meeting fans like Von

Occasionally, when you're an NFL star like Von Miller, you get unexpected visits from some of your biggest fans. TJ learned that Saturday from his booth at IHOP, and of course he was happy to oblige for a few autographs, including signing a salt shaker and a syrup container.


Ridin' like Von

Then it was off to UCHealth Training Center. But before they left, they needed a ride. Miller, a noted car enthusiast, was able to suggest one of his favorite car models for the group.


Vibin' like Von

It wasn't a long ride to UCHealth Training Center, but Miller still made that a custom experience, too. He picked out music for the drive, including tunes by The Temptations.

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In the locker room like Von

After touring UCHealth Training Center, TJ's Broncos tour guides showed him to a very special surprise in the locker room: his own locker, set up right next to Miller's. A custom jersey awaited TJ in the locker, as well as a special backpack full of goodies Miller helped pick out.


Geared up like Von

The goody bag that awaited TJ in his locker was full of gifts that Von chose. Of course, there was a Broncos football. It also included one of his favorite movies, "Finding Nemo"; a hat from Miller's alma mater, Texas A&M; as well as an Adidas backpack and Carhartt sweatshirt, products from companies that sponsor Miller.


Watching practice like Von

After training camp ends, the Broncos' practices can only be seen by team personnel, aside from brief viewing periods for the media. TJ got the VIP experience, though, and was able to watch practice from the sideline, just like the players do, when they're not on the field in the middle of the action.


Shooting the breeze like Von

During their brief periods of rest between reps during practice, some of Miller's teammates took the time to walk over and meet TJ. But it didn't seem like many players had more fun in conversation than defensive linemen Shelby Harris and Zach Kerr, who are always very eager to laugh.

After that, practice was over, and the day was pretty much done. TJ met Miller after practice to share stories and get to know each other better, and Miller left him with one final gift: a personalized note on the back of TJ's jersey to remember a day TJ won't ever forget.

TJ, a 12-year-old with cystic fibrosis from Maine, told the Make-A-Wish Foundation he wanted to be Von Miller for a day. With help from Miller and the Broncos, his Wish came true.

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