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Gary Kubiak talks quarterbacks: Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian and more

Until the addition of any more quarterbacks, Head Coach Gary Kubiak's focus at the position is clear.

"We need to stay focused on the guys on our team right now," Kubiak said as he addressed media prior to giving a speech at the Boy Scouts of America's Sports Breakfast at the Pepsi Center on Thursday morning.

"Obviously we've got some work to do. We've got to add to our group. We understand that."


And although Kubiak said that he had a "very impressive" meeting with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is the target of trade discussion and speculation, the draft will be a primary means of adding to the position.

"John [Elway and and] Matt [Russell] are working on the draft and getting ready for that," Kubiak said. "We've got about three weeks here. Just staying very focused on our football team and with what we have right now. Trying to add to it in about three weeks."

Kubiak did not dismiss the notion of adding a veteran to the mix, but reiterated what with Mark Sanchez and second-year player Trevor Siemian on the roster, that's where his energies are directed.

"I feel good about the two guys that we have. We'll see what happens. Generally you continue to move forward and try to get better. I'm going to stay focused on Mark and Trevor right now, and doing everything I can to get ready for this draft right now."

That work includes deep evaluations of all potential picks. One possibility is Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch, who held his Pro Day workout Wednesday.

"I think it's a good group of guys," Kubiak said of the quarterback class. "How they get sorted out, you never know. You hear different things every day. You watch different workouts every day.

"It's a good group. We'll do our work on all of them. Hopefully when we want to come out of the draft, we'll be a better football team at a lot of positions, not just quarterback."


Kubiak played up Siemian's chances in the upcoming quarterback competition, declaring that Siemian "made up a lot of ground" last year as the No. 3 quarterback as he developed and completed his recovery from the torn ACL he suffered at Northwestern in November 2015.

"Obviously we think a lot of him," Kubiak said. "This is going to be a big step for him. If a guy makes a big jump, he usually makes it from Year 1-2. Trevor will know what he's doing when he walks in here [April 18]."

"It will be up to him. We'll see, but I think our football team has a lot of confidence in him. l know I do. I know he's got the talent to do it. We'll see what happens."


Kubiak said he expects all players to be present on April 18 when team-organized workouts begin, including offensive tackle Ryan Clady and outside linebacker Von Miller, who currently has an unsigned franchise tender."

"I'm looking forward to getting started," Kubiak said. "I know there has been some talk about a couple of different things, but we'll see when it's time to go to work. I'm looking forward to seeing our guys again."

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