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Gary Kubiak: Blood Simple


Check out photos of Gary Kubiak's introductory press conference.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- **The hiring of Gary a Kubiak is perfect for this team and this city at this time.

Everyone agrees that there is a warmth and passion that is genuine at every level within the Broncos' organization, from Pat Bowlen, the greatest team owner in Colorado sports history, to fans who span the spectrum from local season ticket holders to those who watch on television 2,000 miles away.

At the core of this is blood.

It is always as simple as blood.

In the Wyatt Earp biopic starring Kevin Costner, way back when, Gene Hackman, father of the Earp clan, tells his brood to "always remember that nothing is stronger than blood. The rest of the people are just strangers."

That is at the root of why we feel how we feel right now.

I can say as a 40- year Broncos employee and as a season ticket holder since 1964, I am personally ecstatic about this move, as is virtually everyone else.

Of course, John Elway has always done great things for the Denver Broncos.

His influence on this team, city and state is underrated, if anything.

Like the Broncos, John IS Denver. So is Mr. B.

Family trumps all, always has, always will.

The return of Gary Kubiak to Denver is perfect.

Of course, we still have to win games.

But it does not start at the end.

It starts at the beginning.

And Pat Bowlen, Joe Ellis and the ubiquitous John Elway have created a new beginning with an era of good feeling in Broncos Country.

The fans share in this emotionally as much as the players, coaches and staff. They know.

It is all about blood.

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