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Fox Talks Continuing the 'Growing Process'


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- **Any talk of the Broncos remaining undefeated throughout the 2013 season came to an end with Sunday's 39-33 loss to the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Now, the Broncos need to continue "the growing process" moving forward with one game remaining until the club's bye week.

But Head Coach John Fox doesn't buy that a team can learn more from a loss than a win.

"I'm a believer in you get better every week. Hopefully you're learning all the time regardless of game outcomes," he said. "Not too many teams go through these seasons unscathed. I think it's only been done once in 35 years. That's why it's hard to repeat, that's why it's a pretty competitive game. I expect us to learn. Just like all mistakes, you admit them. You've got to fix them and do your best not to let them happen again."

Below are the highlights from Fox's weekly press conference looking back at the previous game.

On Champ Bailey's status

"As I mentioned last night, Champ Bailey did leave the game, did not return. He's had a barrage of testing and right now it looks like he's going to be in a week-to-week type of mode. With this week, his availability – we'll look at it on Wednesday. Obviously, the bye is after the Washington game. Right now, the best way to describe him is week-to-week."

On how Von Miller looked

"You know, like it was a first game. I think that's kind of what happens. It's like anything. You hope that the more you do it, the better you get. It wasn't poor by any stretch, but he'll get better as we go, I can assure you."

On whether he was concerned with the turnovers

"Well, you get concerned with all of it. The penalties – that was one of those obstacles. The turnovers are obviously – they were being kind to us calling that we had three. I count the sack-fumble-safety as a turnover because you give them points as well as another possession, because we had to turn around and kick off. Statistically, it didn't go in that way, but we were still minus-two, minus-three, however you want to look at it. When you're on the road, in a hostile environment and against a good football team, that usually doesn't bode very well."

On the offensive line's configuration

"Well, I think when you get in a chuck-and-duck kind of game where you're one-dimensional – especially on the road, the crowd noise, against maybe the best pass-rusher in football right now, statistically – it doesn't go real well when you're down 19 points or you're down 16 points. The key is trying to avoid putting yourself in that situation. That didn't make it very easy on our pass protection. I've been involved in a lot of games like that on both sides. We'll improve and hopefully we learn from it and not put ourselves in that position again."

On the pass defense

"I thought our defense actually played pretty well. We were much improved on third down. That was a good run team – that that team had and I thought we played pretty rugged in there for most of the game. I think we made some key errors early in the game – our red area we had two breakdowns and let them have scores, one right before the half. I thought that was a pretty damaging blow. For 30 minutes, I thought we looked like we had the makings of championship defense. We're not quite there yet."

On talking to Trindon Holliday about ball security

"I think he understands. You have to give the other team credit too. They practice and get paid and it was a good play on that guy's part in my opinion. We have to find a way come up with the ball and hand it to the official. That's something that we say a lot around here and something that we'll continue to say and practice it. We do work on it very hard and hopefully in time we'll see the results of it."

On what he learned about his team in the loss

"I think we have to play smarter. I thought we played plenty tough enough to come back from those deficits. In this league when you play a good team on the road, it wasn't good enough to win the game. The good news is, I'll call it four turnovers, minus three in that department, and really still had a chance to win the game."

On cornerback Kayvon Webster

"He's a good young player. He makes plays. They tested him a couple of times and I thought he answered it very well. He's a guy that works very hard and he's earned the reps gotten."