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Flipbooks: Hillman breaks out, Ward takes down Bridgewater

Take a look at frame-by-frame captures of Ronnie Hillman's explosive touchdown run. All photos by Gabriel Christus

From running back Ronnie Hillman's explosive 72-yard run (the Broncos' fourth-longest touchdown run ever) to T.J. Ward's first sack and Von Miller's fumble recovery celebration, take a look frame by frame at our photographers' shots of some of the Broncos' top plays.

Take a frame-by-frame look at T.J. Ward's first sack of the day. All photos by Ben Hays

With a misdirection play-action pass near the goal line, Peyton Manning found Owen Daniels in the end zone. Photos by Eric Lars Bakke

Take a frame-by-frame look at Von Miller as he comes up with the ball to clinch the game for the Broncos. All photos by Gabriel Christus

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