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Five things to know from what the Panthers said Thursday


  1. Carolina WR Corey Brown on facing off against his college roommate, Broncos CB Bradley Roby:**

"It'll be fun. We've talked about it since college. Since we first got to Ohio State, he was my roommate in the dorms and we just didn't realize that it was going to happen so early in both of our careers, so that makes it even crazier. We still talk every day; I was with him two days ago. It's crazy to be playing against him."

2. DE Jared Allen recalls first sack, first loss against Peyton Manning:

"I remember the whole play. They tried to block me one-on-one with a tight end and that didn't work well. I got him, but we ended up losing that game. It stunk. It was 2008 [and] it was my very first start with the Vikings and we did it at the [Metrodome]. We ended up losing the game right at the end. Peyton threw a dart and set up a field goal and they won the game.

"I've enjoyed playing Peyton. I got my very first career start against Peyton. I've always enjoyed being able to play with the people at the top, at the pinnacle of our sport, so it seems fitting to play another [against] one of the best all-time to try and win a Super Bowl championship."

3. Panthers head coach Ron Rivera on if he will be cautious letting QB Cam Newton run the ball or if they have a "win at all costs" mentality:

"I think for the most part, the approach has to be something like that. I think we have to understand what the situations and circumstances are within the game. It's situational football now from here on out. It is no holds barred. There really is no next game. The approach has to be [that] we're willing to do things we need to do. We'll have him do things that we want him to do for us and give us the best opportunity to win."

4. LB Luke Kuechly on how his pick-sixes are created

"It goes back and forth. I think a lot of it was Kawann Short in the one against Seattle. He had quick pressure inside, then he was hitting Russell Wilson and I was in the right spot. The second one against Arizona, they had run that route during the game, which I had seen on film and practice all week. Once I had seen it a couple times and once he sat down, that was my guy and I went to him and was able to make a play in the right spot."

5. Various Panthers on the challenges the Broncos present

Kuechly:"You know that [throwing over the middle] is where he [Peyton Manning] likes to attack, like you said. So you have to do a good job of making sure you are doing what you are supposed to do. He does a great job with his run fakes, they do a good job of play-action and for me, I have to make sure whatever job I have, I'm doing it. He's good at looking guys off and moving linebackers and safeties based on his vision, so I'm going to have to do a good job of playing my responsibilities."

Defensive end Kony Ealy: "I think they can affect you in all phases of the game. At the end of the day, we have to do our job. We have to set edges in the run game, we have to get pass rush and be ready on third downs. We have to be ready in all phases and get as much pressure on the quarterback as we can. Peyton is a great guy. Obviously, he's had so many accomplishments up to this point, but we can't worry about that. Now is now and what happened in the past, happened in the past."

Outside linebacker Thomas Davis: "When you think about some of the guys that he [Manning] has around him — when you look at Owen Daniels at tight end and Vernon [Davis], you look at Demaryius Thomas and you look at Emmanuel Sanders — those guys are weapons. And you look at their backfield, their running backs, they're more than capable of catching the ball out of the backfield and capable of beating you when the ball is handed off to them. So it's going to be a huge test for our defense, but we're up for the test. We're excited about the opportunity."