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First Colorado female head coach, Beth Buglione, weighs in on Commissioner Goodell's forum caught up with Beth Buglione, the first female head coach in Colorado's history. Buglione attended Thursday's fan forum with Commissioner Roger Goodell at the Pat Bowlen Fieldhouse.

Angela Gilman: What was your reaction to being invited to hear Commissioner Goodell speak?

Beth Buglione: I was very excited and I feel very privileged to be here this is such a unique opportunity and a unique experience and I'm super grateful.


AG:** What was your biggest takeaway from hearing Commissioner Goodell today?

BB: That we're headed in the right direction for football. That we're making the game safer, we're keeping it exciting, we're letting the players have some personality um they're opening doors for women in more places more than they ever have before. And I feel really good about the NFL in general and getting to see the Broncos up close and personal too is a I'm excited for the season too.

AG: What is the big takeaway that you're going to bring to your team with your season starting soon?

BB: I think what Von Miller just finished with is what my kids need to hear the most. That it can happen for anybody any time in the season as long as they work hard and really dedicate themselves to their task and what they're doing um that any one of my kids up in Nederland can have a breakout season and that's exciting for me to hear from someone at his level of professionalism.

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