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(EM)POWER HOUR: Diana Dominguez, Women's Bean Project Production Assistant


As part of the Denver Broncos' Empowerment Summit Digital Learning Series — a key pillar in the club's Inspire Change program — the team announced a series of $5,000 donations to female-serving foundations and social enterprises in the Denver Metro Area in honor of International Women's Day (March 8). The selected organizations are dedicated to serving girls and women in the community while emphasizing entrepreneurship, social enterprise, cultural and historical education, and the advancement of economic security for women of color.

Women's Bean Project was one of the selected nonprofits, and Production Assistant Diana Dominguez shared more about the work she and her organization are doing to serve girls and women in our community.

Could you please provide a brief overview of what your organization does to serve women in our community?

Women's Bean Project gave me the opportunity right out of prison to come to a non-judgmental place of employment. That is the big thing. For me, it is all brand new being out here with these new felonies in my life. There is no discrimination here. Like, you just don't care if I have a felony or two.

Women's Bean Project is comfortable and feels good. What doesn't feel good or comfortable in me, you help me with. The Letter of Explanation workshop and Dress4Success gave me a lot of confidence. Specifically, Dress4Success gave me pointers on interviewing. I didn't know what to do when employers asked, "Tell me about yourself." I was doing it wrong all these years. Now I know how to answer that question. If I just leave with that, it would all be worth it.

What does International Women's Day mean to you?

Acknowledging and showing your gratitude for all the great things women have done before me.

We are born into a place and time in our lives where we don't appreciate what women did for us. We walk around and we can vote and do whatever and we don't honor the women who made it possible. We expect it.

It's a day of slowing down to acknowledge and express gratitude to all the women who paved the way before me.

What happens when we lift up women in our community and why is it so important to dedicate resources to women?

You inspire women more. When you stop to acknowledge women, it lifts them up more and do a better job. I feel more competent. Lifting up means praising, encouraging and acknowledging.

Women do everything better. If you stop to think about things, women are major educators for our kids in the future. Giving us the ability to shine will help us influence future generations and show them that they can do whatever they want.

What would your advice be to the young women participating in the Empowerment Summit Digital Learning Series?

First and foremost, carry yourself with respect. Carry yourself how you want people to see and treat you. Surround yourself by people who encourage you in positive ways. Surround yourself who lift you up, show you the way and bring out the best in you."

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