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Elway visits KRFX


KRFX:** Thanks for joining us.

Elway: Thank you, it's good to be here.

KRFX: How's camp going so far?

Elway: Good start. We have a good morning for the first day of pads with a little cloud cover but you know what, it's been a real good start.

KRFX: Good to have your buddy Kubiak back, I bet?

Elway: It is, you know, I think that watching him work, especially this offseason and now in training camp, and having been with him back in the end of the late ninety's at the end of my career when we were able to win a championship… I see how he did it back then and all he's done to refine that. And it's nice to have a guy that you can really trust and knows exactly what he's doing and why.

KRFX: Yeah, it's a comfortable fit. He came here… as soon as we walked in this morning he was actually here waiting for us to do his interview. And he asked me, he goes, "How long have you been doing this now, man?" And I told him he's actually been in town longer than I have. And it just feels like its so comfortable having him back.

Elway: It really is you know. It's always a… it's a good fit. He knows having been in this system and knowing that it works and he knows what it takes and also the pressure that Gary applies, not only to the players but to the coaches. That's what allows us to get done what we need to get done. And I think it's a good fit for Gary. Gary did a nice job down in Houston, just had that real bad year and had kind of everything go against him. For him to get a second chance and to always have a chance to reflect back at what they did their first time around as a head coach and prove that their second time. So we're just thrilled that he's back here in Denver.

Broncos open up their fourth day of training camp at UCHealth Training Center.

KRFX: Being the first day of pads, they're going to be out there popping today, a lot of the vets got the morning off Peyton [Manning], DeMarcus [Ware], Von [Miller]. That allows you to get eyes on Brock this morning, see how he operates with the first offense. Enlighten the audience a little bit on how excited you are to watch his development after being in the system and under Peyton for so long.

Elway: Well… and I think that this is a big year for Brock. Obviously we don't know what's going to happen next year with Peyton but we need to know where Brock is this year and I think that especially with where Peyton is, you know, you take the time off now so he can enjoy that time off. Because it doesn't get on you… because you can't make it up. So Peyton and these guys need to get these days off a lot of the time (to have) a chance to be fresher later in the year. Obviously you don't just put a fingernail on it and say, "Oh, ok he's fresher December 18th because he took August 3rd off." But that kind of stuff, especially with the older players that are established, that's going to help them later in the year. And that's why it's important. And Gary is very patient with that. A lot of coaches will panic and say, "No everybody's got to practice," but Gary has that ability to look forward into the later in the year and realize the time that they may not be working now is going to help them later in the season. Plus it gives those young guys a chance to step up. The young guys step up with the first unit. [Louis] Vasquez is not going today so, whoever will move up right guard and see what they can do. Shelley Smith will be that next guy up. We've got  to see what he can do with the first unit. So, there are a lot of reasons why we do it and all of them are good.

KRFX: There's been some talk that maybe during the season you guys will let [Brock] Osweiler get more snaps, is that still in the plan?

Elway: Well, I mean, I think we want to know where Brock is. I think you know obviously going through another offense change this year is just a big step for Brock as well as Peyton. Even though, less more for Peyton because of the experience that he has and trying to blend what Gary and Rico [Rick Dennison] have done in their past with the offense that they bring in and what Peyton does best also. So (they have) to be able to blend those two. But, I think this is a good fit for Brock as far as the offense (and) what it does. We move the quarterback quite a bit and (are) able to run the ball. So, I think it's a good fit for Brock.

Day 3 of training camp was highlighted by Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas running routes with two kids and a visit from Mayor Hancock. (All photos by Eric Lars Bakke)

KRFX: And going back to that point of running the ball when… I was in high school when you won the two Super Bowls with the Broncos here in Colorado and it was the offensive line, Terrell Davis, and you guys doing your thing. Having that zone scheme back in the fold here with [Rick] Dennison coming back and Coach Kubiak and the athleticism that you're showing in your offensive line, and you are very young—talk about the development of your backs and the zone scheme and what people can look forward to.

Elway: Well, I'm excited about it. I think that you look at the really good teams and even though we've been heavy one way, obviously we're going to do that when you have a guy like Peyton Manning. But to be able to… you get to 39 years old and you look at what we're trying to do and that's win a championship. To have that balance and to be able to run the football.

And Gary and Rico [Rick Dennison] have done that everywhere they've been. They know the zone scheme. They know the running game. So to be able to have that balance is going to be huge. Plus play good defense with it, and then have the good play action offense. So the package of what we're doing offensively is what I finished with and (I) have so much confidence in it. And know that as a quarterback from the same system that can be very successful because you are going to run the football. Now, you look a C.J. Anderson and the year that he had at the end of last year so he'll come in obviously as a starter. But that type of system, with the one cut downhill is exactly what C.J. does. Montee is used to doing that same thing too. It's a big year for Montee as well as Ronnie Hillman. For those guys, they've been here a couple years now, and Ronnie now going into his fourth year, that it's time to see exactly what they've got. So we've got great competition at the running back position that will allow us to be that much better too.

KRFX: That's one thing that I've heard all morning especially from Coach Kubiak this morning when we started at 6 a.m. is competition. Is this the most competitive group you've had from a depth perspective?

Elway: I think it is. You know and I think that when you look at it, because we worked hard in the offseason to try to bring in that kind of competition, but it's also manifested by the coaches too. They create the competition too. And I think that's a big change with Gary and how he coaches with the pressure that he applies to those coaches—that they get the best out of those players whether you're an eight year vet or you're a rookie. The expectations are still the same. So I think that's what allows us to have that great competition and be able to give the young guys a chance to really improve and see if they can help us.

KRFX: One of the many things that I admire about you and this organization is, you guys had three really good years in a row and it wasn't good enough. You guys want to win a Super Bowl. So, you retooled this whole thing again, and I think that's one of the main reasons why this Denver broncos team every year is competitive

Elway: Well, and I think we're fortunate to work for an owner that wants to win. He's competitive. And when you've got the guy at the top—not only Pat Bowlen but Joe Ellis now that he's running the team, they've got that same mentality as far as the competitive nature. So anytime that starts at the top and we can put football number one, then we've got a chance to be successful and a chance to compete in a world championship. Because as a player that's all you want. As a player, as a general manager, as a head coach, if they're putting football first and that's the number one priority then we have a chance.

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