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Ellis Hears from Season Ticket Holders in Fan Forum


DENVER -- Tuesday evening, Broncos President Joe Ellis held a fan forum, answering questions and listening to suggestions from season ticket holders on how the team could improve in all areas, including on gamedays.

The group of fans provided their input and heard from Ellis on how to improve the overall experience at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in 2013. Afterward, Ellis took the more than 60 season ticket holders on a tour of some of the $30 million worth of stadium enhancements, including a preview of the new scoreboard's capabilities.

The theme of the night was how much the Broncos are looking to improve the fan experience.

"How many people here have nice, flat-screen television sets and comfortable couches?" Ellis asked the audience. "To sit at home and watch a game on television, it's a great experience. We've got to make this experience better and more fun."

From cell phone and wifi issues inside the stadium to content on the scoreboard, halftime shows, in-game music, food, merchandise, preseason games and even the experience of arriving at and departing from the venue, Ellis touched on a number of topics important to the season ticket holders.

One of the biggest points Ellis made sure to get across was the importance of safety and security at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

"We have to look at as many deterrents as we can," Ellis said. "You want to have fun. But at the same time, we've got to be aware of this and congizant of it. We've got to keep you coming back; we've got to keep it fun. But we also have to make it safe. So there is a balance."

Safety inside and outside the venue was discussed, including wanding every fan, bag checks, the stadium's RESPECT text number for any behavior issues and increased security in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing.

The layout of the evening was similar to the fan forum Ellis held before the Broncos' Divisional Round matchup against Baltimore last season, when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also spoke with season-ticket holders.

The idea was to hear directly from fans how the club can be better in a number of areas.

One topic addressed at both Goodell's fan forum in January and Ellis' Tuesday night was whether a Super Bowl could be headed to Denver in the future.

Goodell and Ellis both said a lot depends on how the cold-weather game in New York goes this February, and the NFL commissioner said, "My personal view is the game of football is made to be played in the elements."

With that in mind, when one season-ticket holder suggested the Broncos move to a dome to get the big game in Denver, Ellis asked if that's what the fans want.

That led to a resounding shout of "No!"

"So that's why we're not going to a dome," Ellis said as the crowd laughed.

"We've hosted a lot of great events here," he said of a Denver Super Bowl. "We'd do a heck of a job here. I know that. We've got a lot going on and a lot to offer. And the building can certainly handle it. The owners know what a great football city this is, thanks to you. They do. So I don't discount our chances."

After nearly 90 minutes of fielding questions and suggestions, Ellis thanked the fans for their loyalty and said they're one of the reasons being at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on a game day beats staying at home.

"I think all of you collectively as a community being here is something special," Ellis said. "When 75,000 people are gathered in one place, united in orange, it's a really powerful thing."

One of the best examples of that, he said, was how the crowd stuck with the Broncos to the very end of the team's double-overtime loss in the bitter cold against Baltimore.

"To me, it just magnifies how great your support of our organization is and how meaningful it is," Ellis said. "I hope this year that we can take it a few steps further for you."

"Our goal and the goal of (Owner and CEO) Mr. (Pat) Bowlen that's on the entire organization every year is to win a Super Bowl for you. We've got high expectations, and you should, too."