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Community Conversation: Ryan Clady


Ryan Clady, Malik Jackson and five other Broncos joined kids from Denver's Boys and Girls Clubs for a night of fun at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Why is it important for you as an NFL player to give back to the community? **"I feel like I'm in a position where I can give back. Even at a younger age, I was raised with the idea of just giving back when you can and when you're able to, so that's definitely a reason why."

Did you have any opportunities to get involved while you played football at Boise State?"Yeah, we did some things at hospitals, which was really cool—that's what I really like doing. Just going around signing stuff, taking pictures. We didn't do a lot—not as much as here—but I got a little feel for it."

What has been one of your favorite Broncos community events to participate in?"I love the Play 60 event at the stadium—Hometown Huddle. That's my favorite for sure. I've only missed that one year since I've been here."

What do you like about participating in Hometown Huddle?"I just like playing with the kids. It's not a bunch of autographs and pictures and stuff, it's just hanging out with the kids."

You started the Sharon Kemp Clady Foundation in honor of your late mother, what does the foundation strive to do?"I just wanted to start it just to give back. I named it after my mom who passed away when I was 13. It's really just about giving back. I've given back to my high school and then I do my event every year where we have some families come in from shelters and whatnot and go Christmas shopping with them, which is really cool. That's one of my favorite things to do as well."

What organization benefited from your annual holiday shopping event this year?"We worked with the Shiloh House, it's a great organization. They brought us some individual kids that don't have any family structure or whatnot. Then we got some actual families as well that are in and out of the shelter, asking for some help here and there. Shiloh House is kind of hands-on and know the situation, so they give us kids every year and it's definitely worked out."

You are always out supporting your teammates at their events and them at yours—what does it mean to you to have that kind of support from your teammates here in Denver?
"It's cool that they come out on their day off and just show support. Being able to help out the kids and the smiles that come on their faces when they see Wes Welker and Demaryius Thomas—it's a lot bigger than when they see me or Ben Garland, no offense to Ben Garland (laughs). It's just awesome to have guys come out and show support."

You got very involved in the team's community platform as a rookie, how did you balance that transition from college to the NFL and make time to get involved in the community too?"It was one of those things where as a rookie, we did everything together. Our rookie class, if there was a community thing, we all went. So it was almost like a family thing when I first got here. Like I said, the Broncos Hometown Huddle, that was one thing we all went to and then we just continued on to all the other events—that's why it's my favorite event."

Playoff decorations have flooded Denver as the Broncos prepare to start their postseason play.

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